Ready to invest in yourself at the Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp?

  • Have you been working on a novel (maybe for a long time!)?
  • Are you committed to seeing your novel published in its best form and to its best potential?
  • Do you need some experienced, individualized guidance to make some key decisions?
  • Are you uncertain or confused about the best path to publication, given all the options available?
  • Are you trying to decide between self-publishing, finding a literary agent, seeking an indie-press, or other choices?
  • Do you want to work closely with some outstanding professionals?
  • Does the idea of setting aside six days to focus solely on your work-in-progress appeal to you?

Then . . .

You are ready for the Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Writing Retreat.

The cost is less than you’d pay for a week-long, all-inclusive vacation. One registration fee includes room, board, special events, instruction, and coaching. The invaluable camaraderie and friendship you will develop with fellow writers is, of course, a wonderful bonus.

Come join us for what may be the most productive six days of your writing career.

The Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Writing Retreat is a 501(c)(3) independent nonprofit organization. The 2018 event is sponsored by the Chicago Writers Association.

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