The nonprofit Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp & Writing Retreat, Inc. will offer a one-day workshop for novice novelists, titled: “So You Want to Start a Novel!”

It’s intended for writers seriously contemplating writing a novel who want advice on the practical aspects of entering a major book-length project with good organization and pre-planning methods.

The day of workshop sessions will be held Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, at the Cedar Valley Center, in the beautiful Wisconsin countryside northwest of West Bend in southeast Wisconsin, not far from Milwaukee. The staff for the day-long workshop will be Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp instructors Lisa Lickel and Philip Martin (bios here) with Dave Rank, Bookcamp Director, who will also be there to help manage the event.

This is the basic plan for the day:

8:30–9:00. Sign in
9:00–9:15. Introductions
9:15–10:30. Session 1: Where Do Ideas Come From? (How to identify and nurture a book-worthy premise.)
10:30–10:45. Break
10:45–Noon. Session 2: Good Writing Techniques for Fiction. A quick overview of how to start your project on the right foot by embracing core methods of successful fiction, from point-of-view considerations to creating appealing characters, and more.
Noon-1. Lunch
1:00–2:15. Session 3: Language of Writing and Publishing For New Writers. A successful novelist needs to know some essential aspects of the publishing business, from using key terms correctly to judging market interest to pitching to potential publishers (or planning for self-publishing or hybrid options to planning for success.
2:15–2:30. Break
2:30–3:45. Session 4: Effective Methods to Manage a Book Project. A book-length project is a big undertaking, so you will need good approaches to planning and managing it well.
3:45–4:00. Break
4:00–5:15. Session 5: What’s Next to Advance Your Book Idea? This is a wrap-up session to talk about next steps and how to find the right path forward.

This workshop is designed for:

  • Writers who may be experienced working in short forms like short stories or essays, but want to tackle their first book;
  • Novice writers looking for some guidance on producing a novel;
  • Writers who have an idea for a book but are not sure how to begin, get organized, or what is needed to successfully complete it.

While we can’t cover book writing from A to Z, you will leave the workshop invigorated to complete your book, armed with information to help you plan and produce it, with a basic understanding on how the publishing business works. And during the day, we’ll listen to your individual ideas and allow as much brainstorming time as we can to help develop that idea.

Cost of the workshop is $98, which includes lunch. If interested, you could stay for a 5:30 p.m. dinner at Cedar Valley. Dinner is optional, however, and involves a separate cost.

To secure a plan at the day-long workshop, send a check to the Novel-in-Progress Bookcamp, c/o Dave Rank, director, 831 S. Seventh Ave., West Bend, WI 53095.

For questions: use the Contact Us page link to send your questions to us.

Or call Bookcamp Director Dave Rank at 262-717-5154 (mornings are best).

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